What locations is GetSociable available in?

We’re live in Liverpool and Belfast now, and will be expanding throughout the rest of the UK soon showcasing the best bars and clubs. Sign up to our newsletter to find out when we’re in your City.

What is a Web App?

A Web App is very similar to an App that you would download from the Apple or Google Play stores. However it can initially be accessed through your browser before installing to your device, and from that point it will be accessible from your Home Screen as an icon like any other App. In Android Chrome you will see a button prompt to install, and in iOS you can ‘Add to your Home Screen’ through the Safari browser.

What device types is GetSociable compatible with?

It’s only accessible on a Mobile Device, it’s not compatible with Tablet or Desktop / Laptop devices.

What type of Events are listed?

We have Live Music, Comedy, Quizzes and other Entertainment, along with Live TV Sport, Food & Drink Experiences and Arts & Culture. These are coming from over 150 Bars & Pubs, Clubs, Nightclubs and Restaurants in our Cities.

What Promotions do you have?

We consolidate in one place all the Promotions going on in the City for the first time so you’ve got the best info on all the offers out there. Plus we offer exclusive Promotions from time to time which you can only get through GetSociable. And to make it as seamless as possible you just need to show the App to staff. No need to scan a QR code to avail.

Can I request a new feature on the Web App?

We’d love you to hear your requests. You can do Contact Us here with your ideas.

Do you have VIP User panel?

We do. Use the register your interest here and we’ll ask you to perform some testing along with feedback.

What are the benefits for Venues?

We help you connect better with new and existing audiences through a range of different services within the platform including recommendations based on the entertainment and food and drink offered. Users can favourite you and receive notifications on all new events and promotions announced.

What are the benefits for Artists?

We help showcase who you are to audiences including your genre/s and a profile with imagery and video content. Users can follow you and receive notifications on where and when your next events are happening.