We thought if Spotify and Netflix can transform how we access Music and Video, why can’t someone do the same for Live Entertainment? So, that’s what we did!

Welcome to GetSociable, the home of Live Entertainment.

We’ve been in your shoes. You plan a day, night or weekend and spend lots of time researching, yet struggling to find, the best entertainment and food & drink options. Then, after the visit, you feel underwhelmed and very short-changed. The experience didn’t live up to what you expected and, worse still, when you speak to friends and family afterwards, they’re raving about a place you wish you’d gone to instead. When other platforms didn’t solve this problem, we just knew there must be a better way to solve this challenge.

This was where the inspiration behind GetSociable came from, an intelligent Web App that uses smart algorithms to deliver real-time, engaging content that helps you to make the right decisions, save time and money and have the best possible experiences. Isn’t that what’s all about?

GetSociable shows you all the venues, organisers, music artists, events and promotions in one place. There’s no need to follow hundreds of social media pages hoping to stumble across what you’re looking for. We make personalised recommendations that really hit the spot. Over and over again.

Just the beginning.

We’ve many exciting features in the pipeline as we strive to become the go-to platform for not just you, the entertainment loving people, but also the artists and venues to get their amazing events and experiences in front of the right audience. They need all the support they can get and we’re delighted we can give them a helping hand.

Don’t forget to look at our FAQs here for more information on our masterplan.

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